“Hey Vivian. Thank you so much. We were very lucky to have you as our realtor. To be part of our home buying experience. You made the process of finding and buying the house far less painful and far more fun! I look back on the whole thing so fondly, and you’re a major reason why. We love our house, and we love that you are such a big part of the story of us being here today. I hope we’re able to see you more in the coming year. We always enjoy your company.”


“Vivian Aryeh is a shining example of the best in a real estate representative. Vivian will listen to you. She will spend time showing you properties based on your descriptive needs. Most of all Vivian is honest, sincere and knowledgeable. She will go the extra mile to help you in all manner of real estate needs. You can be sure that Vivian will go on your needs and ask questions. Vivian is honest and sincere and allows you to guide her in finding the best real estate solutions for your needs.”


“Vivian is the best. She helped me to get my house ready for showing with a keen eye on what buyers wanted to see and what they would pay for it. When it came time to create the listing, she guided me in setting a fair but the ambitious price that resulted in several competing offers and a higher price than I expected. Vivian is also very personable, easy to work with and a great communicator. She is a true professional who knows how to get it done with the least pain and the most gain.”


“Vivian was able to sell two beach homes from an estate sale in Oxnard, CA. More than we were even expecting, and one certainly showed off her real estate expertise as she managed to handle all the unforeseen things that can happen when everything doesn’t go exactly as we anticipate, and again provided service excellence. At the same time, she made her buyer’s dream come true. She has outstanding attention to detail. We are so thankful we found her.”


“She was able to take over a difficult estate sale. Sold both beach homes for us in Ventura, CA, and one was anything but easy. I judge any difficult situation by how it is handled when things are not. Vivian stood strong and tackled the situation with poise and the utmost professionalism. I have a great appreciation for her knowledge and expertise, and I would absolutely recommend her services. I would seek her out for my future investment properties.”


“Vivian went out of her way to get the job done, over and above the call of duty. She looked out for my interests with her professionalism, honesty and knowledge, keeping me informed every step of the way. Even though this was a lease, she sincerely treated it like a sale. She is the best agent I have ever worked with and was always pleasant. Vivian is an excellent real estate agent who I definitely will use when I sell my next property.”


“Vivian is one of the hardest-working realtors in the business. Period! She assisted us from start to finish to complete our purchase, ensuring that quality, fairness and transparency were not compromised, and that each was met every step of the way. Her dedication to our family’s needs and her attention to detail guaranteed a seamless process in our home purchase experience. Vivian is a gem of a lady and a true professional in her field!”


“I hope all is well with you. First and foremost I would like to thank you for finding a great location for the right price. I appreciate your dedication, hard work and knowledge of real estate to find what we were looking for. I believe it was not easy to please such a demanding client, yet you were patient and dedicated. I would say that Vivian is the first choice as my agent.”


"I'd like to thank Vivian Aryeh for the professional and personal way in which she represented me in the sale of my mother's condo. Vivian is knowledgeable and hardworking. She did her utmost to present the condo at its best, giving me advice on what to do, after going through it meticulously.­ She worked with me patiently, accommodating my needs and requirements. When the condo was ready for listing, she put together a beautiful package which she advertised extensively.­ My family and I know we benefitted from Vivian's representation because the condo was sold quickly in an unfavorable market for sellers.­ I would gladly recommend Vivian to anyone who wishes to buy or sell real estate."